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There is a list of medicines containing "Glimepiride" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers (see "References"):

The first trade name of products Lists of Glimepiride drugs The last trade name of products
Aberin Aberin - Amadiab Amadiab
Amadin Amadin - Amdiaryl Amdiaryl
Amid Amid - Armonale Armonale
Aruza Aruza - Betacord Betacord
Betagly Betagly - CO Glimepiride CO Glimepiride
Conida Conida - Diabcare Diabcare
Diabeless Diabeless - Dialex Dialex
Dialosa Dialosa - Diaryl Diaryl
Diaswich Diaswich - Dixi Dixi
Donglu Donglu - Epiride Epiride
Esliby Esliby - Galpride Galpride
Gametal Gametal - Gibson Gibson
Gimetab Gimetab - Glaym Glaym
Gleam Gleam - Gliansor Gliansor
Gliberid Gliberid - Gligo Gligo
Glilar Glilar - Glimchek Glimchek
Glimcom Glimcom - Glimefin Glimefin
Glimegamma Glimegamma - Glimepin Glimepin
Glimepirid (1 A Pharma) Glimepirid (1 A Pharma) - Glimepirid (Heumann Pharma) Glimepirid (Heumann Pharma)
Glimepirid (Isis Pharmaceuticals) Glimepirid (Isis Pharmaceuticals) - Glimepirid (Winthrop Arzneimittel) Glimepirid (Winthrop Arzneimittel)
Glimepirid Beta Glimepirid Beta - Glimepirida (Calox International) Glimepirida (Calox International)
Glimepirida (Casa Ultramedica) Glimepirida (Casa Ultramedica) - Glimepirida (Generis Farmaceutica) Glimepirida (Generis Farmaceutica)
Glimepirida (Germed Farmaceutica) Glimepirida (Germed Farmaceutica) - Glimepirida (Milpharm) Glimepirida (Milpharm)
Glimepirida (Mylan) Glimepirida (Mylan) - Glimepirida (Techsphere) Glimepirida (Techsphere)
Glimepirida (ToLife Produtos Farmaceuticos) Glimepirida (ToLife Produtos Farmaceuticos) - Glimepiride (Actiza Pharmaceutical) Glimepiride (Actiza Pharmaceutical)
Glimepiride (Aicore) Glimepiride (Aicore) - Glimepiride (BluePoint Laboratories) Glimepiride (BluePoint Laboratories)
Glimepiride (Brown & Burk Pharmaceuticals) Glimepiride (Brown & Burk Pharmaceuticals) - Glimepiride (Elmed Eisai) Glimepiride (Elmed Eisai)
Glimepiride (Epic Pharma) Glimepiride (Epic Pharma) - Glimepiride (Invagen Pharmaceuticals) Glimepiride (Invagen Pharmaceuticals)
Glimepiride (Jan Aushadhi) Glimepiride (Jan Aushadhi) - Glimepiride (MedVantx Pharmacy Services) Glimepiride (MedVantx Pharmacy Services)
Glimepiride (Merckle) Glimepiride (Merckle) - Glimepiride (Pfizer) Glimepiride (Pfizer)
Glimepiride (Pharmachemie) Glimepiride (Pharmachemie) - Glimepiride (Samsung Pharmaceutical) Glimepiride (Samsung Pharmaceutical)
Glimepiride (Sanofi-Aventis) Glimepiride (Sanofi-Aventis) - Glimepiride (UDL Laboratories) Glimepiride (UDL Laboratories)
Glimepiride (USV) Glimepiride (USV) - Glimepiride Ratio Glimepiride Ratio
Glimepiride-OD Glimepiride-OD - Glimer Glimer
Glimerax Glimerax - Glimestada Glimestada
Glimestar Glimestar - Glimial Glimial
Glimibet Glimibet - Glimihelp Glimihelp
Glimikem Glimikem - Glimital Glimital
Glimith Glimith - Glimp Glimp
Glimpee Glimpee - Glimtiz Glimtiz
GlimXL GlimXL - Glipan Glipan
Gliper Gliper - Glipiride Glipiride
Glipixor Glipixor - Glisu-OD Glisu-OD
Glitec Glitec - Gluceride Gluceride
Glucokaf Glucokaf - Glu-G Glu-G
Glumedex Glumedex - Glycobate Glycobate
Glydorado Glydorado - Glynamic Glynamic
Glynova Glynova - Gretilab Gretilab
Grid Grid - Imediab Imediab
Impride Impride - K-Maril K-Maril
Leadryl Leadryl - Losu Losu
Lotra Lotra - Meglimid Meglimid
Meglix Meglix - Mepusulin Mepusulin
Mericle Mericle - Newglipild Newglipild
Next Step Next Step - Odiglim Odiglim
Oltar Oltar - Pharlecon Pharlecon
Piglifar Piglifar - Pu Ren Ping Pu Ren Ping
Ratio-Glimepiride Ratio-Glimepiride - Sagalim Sagalim
Sanprid Sanprid - SP-Glimepiride SP-Glimepiride
Staryl Staryl - Sysril Sysril
Tang Fu Tang Fu - Vigugim Vigugim
Viqugim Viqugim - Zyvana Zyvana

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